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Popular Worksheets!

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Step 8: Becoming willing to make amends PDF  
Step 8: HOW to prepare your amends PDF  
Step 8: Amends Preparation Worksheet PDF Excel
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Step 10: Daily Inventory Worksheet PDF Excel
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Relapse Debriefing Worksheet PDF  

FEAR NOT Sober Suggestion Cards

I started making these cards so I could remember all the great slogans I'd heard, adding my own comments. People saw me with them and started asking for copies. They've gone through several versions and at least 50 decks are floating around sobrietyland.

The PDF file below has 80 cards on 8 color pages, and it's meant to be printed on 10-up perforated business-card stock (available from Avery or Staples). If you're feeling thrifty and/or energetic they come with crop marks so you can print on regular cardstock and cut them out by hand.


PANIC cards (PDF)
I made this for myself because when panic hits I can never remember what to do. I'ts especially useful for newcomers. Whenever someone seems shaky or shares about panic attacks, I slip them one of these.

  PRAYER cards (PDF)
Just a handy portable list of prayers I like to use. They are as multi-purpose and non-denominational as possible.


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